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The HELZT collective is a group of like-minded people that aims for peak athletic performance by embracing a healthy lifestyle and an athletic mindset.


W. Baggy Tee - Black

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I sacrifice a lot and I always try to push my boundaries. I'm enjoying every second of this journey and I am trying to be very consistent in my training. HELZT is my team and they got my back!

Runa Linn Egeland

I compete in CrossFit because it pushes me to be my best self, both physically and mentally. CrossFit workouts are challenging and constantly varied, which keeps me motivated and engaged. The CrossFit community is incredibly supportive and encouraging, and competing against other athletes helps me to push past my limits and achieve my goals.

Sabrina Raahauge

I love wearing HELZT products and being a part of the supportive community.

Ane Randa

Working hard, staying consistent, and showing up. That's my formula for greater progress. By joining the collective, you will join a group of like-minded people chasing excellence.

Veslemøy Kollstad

I find great inspiration in being part of the Functional Fitness collective. Everyone is on their own journey, but we share the same passion for the sport. Chasing new goals and staying consistent is my formula to become a better athlete.

Marius Pettersen

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