Get to know HELZT athlete Sabrina Raahauge!


Get to know one of Denmark's top CrossFit athletes and her advice on training.

Meet Sabrina, an inspiring athlete who has been into sports since childhood. She started with track and field, and later shifted to football due to the team spirit and love for playing with her friends. Her journey continued with functional training, which proved to be highly beneficial when she joined the Danish military. In 2016, she became a policewoman where her training again gave her an edge over others. In 2018, Sabrina discovered CrossFit Norce and became a member of Team Bjørnefar, where she found the same feeling as playing football and made many good friends.

Sabrina's approach to competition is to take it "as it comes" and focus on one workout at a time. She believes in making a few mistakes but feeling proud at the end of the workout rather than leaving something in the tank. Sabrina's mental and physical preparation includes embracing nerves as a natural feeling and using it to deliver adrenaline and energy.

Injuries are a part of an athlete's life, and Sabrina has had her share. In 2021, she had a shoulder injury that prevented her from training for a while. This year, just before the CrossFit Games quarterfinals, she sprained her calf. To overcome injuries, she stresses the importance of sleep, daily vitamins, and fueling her body even when not training, as the body needs energy to heal.

Being an elite athlete has its rewards and challenges. Sabrina cherishes the freedom to do what she loves and the community of friends she has made. On the other hand, the challenge of balancing training and work/study is a struggle for many CrossFit athletes. Thankfully, with sponsors like HELZT and Bodylab, Sabrina can focus more on her training and travel to different competitions in Europe.

Sabrina credits sports and fitness for positively impacting her personal life and relationships. She has learned to take care of herself, not only in training but also in everyday life. She has also developed a better body awareness and found friends who share her passion and drive.

In terms of the future, Sabrina's goal is to stay injury-free, compete in upcoming competitions like Butchers Classics, and qualify for The Crossfit Games Semifinals. Her advice to young athletes is to find a coach/guide/mentor and focus on learning technique in gymnastics and weightlifting. To be passionate and serious about training, but also enjoy life. For older athletes, she suggests finding a "hands-on" coach who can offer mental coaching and a supportive training environment with training partners who lift each other up.

Sabrina's dedication to her sport and her positive attitude towards life make her a role model for aspiring athletes. We wish her all the best for her future endeavors!

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