Ane Iselin Brogeland

Iselin is a powerhouse in CrossFit and Functional Fitness, known for her impressive track record in competitions. She holds a gold medal from the World Championship in Functional Fitness and has participated in the CrossFit Games Semifinals. Beyond her athletic achievements, Iselin is a coach and a source of inspiration in the local CrossFit community. Her dedication and support create a thriving and inclusive training environment. She embodies true leadership, inspiring others to reach their full potential.

Favorite workout:

AMRAP 10 mins:
25 Box Jump Overs (60 cm/50cm)
50 Toes to Bar20 Box Jump Overs (60 cm/50 cm)
40 Pull-ups15 Box Jump Overs (60 cm/50 cm)
Max Bar Muscle-ups in the remaining time*




Favorite workout




Crossfit Games Semifinals 2023, Norwegian CrossFit Championship 2022, National Championship Functional Fitness 2022, World Championship Functional Fitness 2022, Strength in Depth 2019, Lowlands Throwdown 2019, National Championship Functional Fitness 2019, National Championship TriErg 2019, National Championship team 2022.